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Our aim is to provide the highest quality service we can at the lowest price as we know that your money is better spent on your product than it's hosting.

Prism DDoS Protection

CloudFlare Spectrum 25 TBit/s DDoS protection at a fraction of the cost. DDoS protect any setup without migrating.

Safety DDoS Capacity
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Minecraft Hosting

Provide your Minecraft server the quality of hardware that it deserves to keep your players happy without breaking the bank.

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Owned Hardware

All of the services we provide is all on our own owned quality hardware, hand built and colocated by us.

Hardware Colocation Owned
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Why choose us?

We've set our profit margins low so that you only pay for your server. We believe that you shouldn't need to spend excess money on hosting when it could be spent on your server.

  • Instant and fast server provisioning.
  • Advanced quality DDoS protection and mitigation.
  • Super friendly support team.

Owned Hardware

We colocate all of our hardware across three different high-quality and thriving datacenters. Accelerated and Interwerk in Frankfurt, Germany, and Carrier-1 in Dallas.

Elite performance

We use AMD's newest Ryzens, Threadrippers and EPYCs to provide you with the most efficient and the best performing CPUs in the market.

AMD Ryzen™ processor comes with features like clever machine intelligence, advanced processing and more. Built with AMD SenseMI Technology to deliver a truly intelligent processor.

We're proud to be the first Minecraft AMD Ryzen hosting provider to exist. We know that by using the latest AMD technologies, we can offer the highest quality at a low price.

Learn more about AMD Ryzen.

Elegant Panels

All of the panels that we provide to control our services are powerful, simplified, feature rich and extremely easy to use.

High Security

We have many security procedures put in place to ensure that your data is completely secure and encrypted and furthermore, all passwords are hashed securely.

Awesome Support

We offer high quality support for all questions or issues regarding our services. If you have any questions regarding us, all you need to do is contact us

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International connectivity a must? We have high quality global routes.

Our quality network avoids the chronic congestion of IP Transit providers to many large ISPs by using premium direct connections. We take advantage of Voxility direct interconnection with over 1000 other networks, including some of the very large residential ISPs like Comcast, DTAG, Orange/France Telecom, Telefonica, Vodafone etc.

Proud to be a leading Minecraft host.

We're proud to be the most excelling and the best price to performance Minecraft hosting provider there is based on React, a Minecraft based benchmark.

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What our customers say.

"Surpassed my expectations..." surpassed all my expectations for it. For the low price, the quality is amazing. My whole experience was amazing, the beautiful panel, the extraordinary server performance, right down to the amazing staff team. This host is excellent in every way and no doubt deserves five stars.

The staff team is kind, friendly, professional and always willing to help. I was assisted with any queries I had and they seem to genuinely want to help out not just because it's their job and they had to. From what I've seen the staff team will help out where ever they can without complaint, if the question is already in their FAQ, or if it's something really simple. This is truly one of the best staff teams I have spoken to in the hosting industry.'s panel looks and feels amazing. Everything is clean to the eye and to the touch. Everything is neatly ordered in categories and sub-categories allowing users to find anything they are looking for with ease. The panel has live time console commands and live statistics for things such as CPU and ram usage which is helpful for any server owner.

The server performance itself was way beyond what was expected. Plugins run smoothly, packets are sent quickly, and from what I have seen CPU and ram is run efficiently as it always seems to be low. I run a network and have never seen lag between my servers, they all seem to be working together fast and powerful.

Read more of our customers reviews.

We have more than one hundred 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers. Read their experiences was like with us to get a glimpse at what it's like hosting with us.

Always under attack? We're completely protected by Voxility.

We work with Voxility and Combahton, market leaders in DDoS Protection which is used to protect services such as online games, DNS, TCP services, HTTPS and HTTP websites. Voxility has a total mitigation capacity of 1710 GBit/s which is spread across numerous many centers internationally.

Our popular services.

Baseline Minecraft Hosting

Our powerful, affordable and state of the art Minecraft Java edition server hosting.

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Dedicated Servers

A physical hand built machine for full control and completely isolated power.

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Discord Bot Hosting

Out of the box compatibility to make managing a Discord bot simple.

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