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Introducing Prism DDoS Protection

Introducing Prism, affordable and high-quality DDoS protection.   We’re thrilled to present Prism, a unique and cost-effective way of protecting your existing infrastructure. Easily protect your pre-existing network setups using over 165 datacenters and enterprise-grade capacity of 25 TBit/s provided by CloudFlare’s international ... Read More »

22nd Dec 2018

We've rebranded to

After weeks of meticulous planning and logistics with a former competitor, we’re happy to finally announce our merger and branding change: Introducing Holdings Ltd.   This merger will allow us to be able to offer a higher level of service in addition to our already industry-leading speeds, performance, and support, along with loads ... Read More »

17th Dec 2018

Introducing Minecraft Bedrock Edition

We're proud to announce that we now offer phenomenal quality Minecraft Bedrock edition server hosting at an affordable price. Treat you and your friends to our high-performance industry-leading Minecraft game nodes today, without having to learn how to use a new software as we support Nukkit, PocketMine and Mojang's Bedrock Dedicated ... Read More »

23rd Nov 2018

We've updated our Terms of Service

We've made drastic changes to our terms of service. We would like you to spare a few minutes to read the updated version. If there is any disagreement, please promptly open a ticket.

The new terms of service can be found at

30th Oct 2018

DeluxeNode Panel API Reference

We've fully documented the DeluxeNode Panel API. Everyone is welcome to make use of the API for any of their projects. Let us know what you create via Twitter, we're excited to see!

Read the API reference at

28th Oct 2018

Introducing with DeluxeNode

DeluxeNode is proud to introduce our new partnership with DonationStore is the first self-hosted webstore and helpdesk for Minecraft Servers. They support 5 payment gateways, 9 languages and provide all the main features you can expect from the market like gift cards, referrals and virtual currencies. No contracts, only a once ... Read More »

15th Oct 2018

Discord Bot Hosting

We're proud to release our Discord Bot hosting lineup! You can now host your Discord bot with an elegant panel at an affordable price. We support Node.js and more languages coming very soonWe've used our quality network that avoids the chronic congestion of IP Transit providers to many large ISPs by using premium direct connections. We take ... Read More »

31st Jul 2018

MC01 Server Migrations

Hello, everyone.We're migrating servers from the old node to MC07, running an AMD Ryzen 2700X @ 4.5GHz which is more than 2GHz faster.This part of our new Minecraft structure and MC05 and MC06 are already running the new hardware.Servers will automatically be moved between now and the force move deadline.From this point, no server node migrations ... Read More »

17th Jul 2018

MC-Market Thread Vouch & Rep

Hello, everyone.As a reminder, we have an MC-Market is the home of Minecraft trades and sales, since August 2014. You've arrived at the #1 Minecraft Marketplace for domains, servers, plugins, hosting, advertising, websites and services.We would greatly appreciate if you were able to leave a vouch (review) over at the thread ... Read More »

16th Jul 2018

MC03 Server Migrations

Hello, everyone.If your Minecraft server is located at MC03, please open a ticket with -new on our Discord or through the client area.Please specify your server ID and your email if you're contacting us through Discord.We're migrating servers from the old node to MC07, running an AMD Ryzen 2700X @ 4.5GHz which is more than 2GHz faster.This part of ... Read More »

13th Jul 2018