How to enable root SSH access with passwords on our VPSs.

If you would like to enable password access rather than an SSH Key to control the root user of your DeluxeNode VPS, follow this guide.

NOTE: We highly recommend using an SSH key instead of password authentication for security.

  1. Go to your client area and click on the virtual server you would like to enable password access for.
  2. Click NoVNC and log in using the credentials that were emailed to you soon after you ordered the virtual server.
  3. Run "apt update && apt upgrade" and then type "nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config".
  4. Scroll down using the arrow keys till you see the text "PermitRootLogin prohibit-password".
  5. Replace "prohibit-password" with "yes" and remove the "#".
  6. Press CTRL and X at the same time and press Y and enter to save the file.
  7. Run "service ssh restart" to activate your changes and allow password access to the root user.

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