Network Routes

We use more routes such as DE-CiX which provides a direct fibre line straight to New York and other locations with capabilities of 37.7Tbit throughout the network as a whole. This allows us to offer pings to New York and surrounding places as low as 80ms for our clients, but the potential to go down to 70ms if conditions are better.

Due to how Minecraft works, ping below 40ms does not make much more of a difference due to the speed of Minecraft ticks which process information. From 40-150ms, it's still unlikely for you to experience lag at all. 150ms to 200ms is still alright and there may be the slightest noticeable lag when doing professional based intensive PvP and above 200ms is where you will start having noticeable disadvantages against players with a lower ping, but is absolutely fine for a survival server. 

Because our shorter routes, the chances of packet loss decreases a lot, if you experienced teleports or lags on a previous European host, this might be caused by heavy packet-loss, with the custom routing we try to offer the smoothest experience, all over the world.

Furthermore, we also have connections with over 1000 other networks, including some of the very large residential ISPs like Comcast, DTAG, Orange/France Telecom, Telefonica, Vodafone etc.

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