Prism DDoS Protection

Top quality and affordable DDoS protection based on CloudFlare Spectrum.

Set yourself free. Now. Know the stress of dealing with attacks?

We believe that server owners should focus on delivering the most enjoyable experience that they can provide for their players, instead of worrying about malicious and costly DDoS attacks on their infrastructure. We do this at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors.

How it works.

One of our primary aims for Prism DDoS protection by has been to design the integration process to be as simple and easy to get on board with as possible, try it yourself. It'll only take an hour and after, forget about getting DDoS attacked.

1. Order

To start using Prism, proceed to the checkout process and order the service. Once you have purchased it, you can continue to the next step.

2. Configure

Once you've ordered Prism, you need to simply enter the original unprotected IP address and port that you would like to protect from attacks.

3. Update

Once you have done this, you'll be presented with simple steps on how to update your existing DNS to route though Prism DDoS protection.

Here's some of the basics

We're working with CloudFlare to provide our high quality DDoS protection with international coverage and latency decreases.

By working with them, we're proud to offer CloudFlare Spectrum at a more affordable cost. A simple and affordable way to very securely protect an application, or game server with our enterprise grade DDoS protection that's permanently protecting you from malicious attackers.

  • 25 TBit/s total network capacity
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage
  • 165+ international locations
  • High quality IP reputation databases integrated
  • Always on layer 3 and layer 4 filtering

Operating Globally

Prism routes connections through 165 different datacenters across the world, allowing us to serve you the quality of our competitors at a the fraction of the cost.

Security for all.

Prism encrypts services running on TCP to prevent unencrypted data, such as user credentials, from falling into the wrong hands. You can route MQTT, email, file transfer, version control, games, anything over TCP through Prism to mask the origin and protect it from DDoS attacks.

Powered by CloudFlare

The underlying technology behind Prism is entirely based on CloudFlare Spectrum's technology. Get access to more than 165 international locations and network capacity of 25 TBit/s. Stop worrying about attacks and let CloudFlare's experts and high quality automated systems handle that all for you as you focus on what's important.

Like what you hear?

Preorder now at €39.99 and get access to Prism DDoS protection in a few weeks, plus a free additional port for 3 months which will normally cost 7.50 euros extra per port, monthly.