Bedrock Minecraft Hosting

Extremely powerful and extremely affordable Minecraft Bedrock Edition hosting.

  • Instant and fast server provisioning.
  • All on RAID 1 SSDs for insane loading speeds.
  • Easy to use control panel with a clean design.
  • Completely isolated within Docker for security.
  • DDoS Protected to prevent downtime if attacked.
  • Knowledgeable support team of developers.
  • Super fast 1GBit/s networking to handle large servers.
  • Easily able to schedule automated tasks.
  • Servers are fully Java 8 compatible.

Effortless control.

We make it extremely easy for you to quickly manage your server without compromising on any features. Control your server effortlessly through our interface to make managing your server simpler.

  • CPU AMD Ryzen 2700X @ 4.5 GHz
  • Disk RAID 1 Solid State Drives
  • Network 1 GBit/s network

Node Specifications

Our nodes have a section of only high quality components to ensure your Minecraft server is fast and snappy at all times, no matter what is happening.

All of our baseline Minecraft nodes are 18% faster than the Intel i7 7700K. Most of our competitors power their premium plans with the Intel i7 7700K at more than €3/GB. Our baseline plan starts at only €1/GB and is even faster.

  • Servers automatically restart on crashes.
  • Compatibility for Official Bedrock, PocketMine and Nukkit.
  • Support available through Discord and IRC.
  • Complete SFTP access to easily manage files.
  • Plenty of MySQL databases at no cost.
  • phpMyAdmin access for all MySQL databases.

Familiar already.

We have compatibility for all major Minecraft Bedrock edition server softwares so you don't have to switch away from your favorite software just to switch to us.


Starting off with Bedrock servers? Mojang's official Minecraft Bedrock edition servers are extremely easy to use with


We have compatiblity for PocketMine which is 100% open source, has support for plugins, multiple worlds and much more!


Nukkit is a written in Java and designed to be easy for developers to work with, and supports plugins as well as multiple levels.


Price: €1.00

RAM: 512MB

Disk: 5GB

Cores: 2


Price: €2.00


Disk: 5GB

Cores: 2


Price: €4.00


Disk: 10GB

Cores: 3


Price: €6.00


Disk: 10GB

Cores: 3